Monday, 18 February 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 8 - Layered Block

This is the final sample of the colour module. This one is done in hot colours and the design source I used was a picture of very colourful coral that I found in a magazine. The artwork is done using pastels. The next photo shows my stitched block. I have used my hand dyed fabrics again but have layered them with net in a matching colour. A circle of matching fabric has been placed over the net and stitched down using my hand dyed thread. Each shape has been echo quilted using black to match the background.
I was very pleased with this piece, firstly because it is so colourful but also as it made me work in ways that I never would have done before. It was done in a rush to meet the deadline but it is something I would like to revisit.

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