Monday, 27 February 2012

Civil War Quilt Progress

I have been continuing with my Civil War Quilt.
This quilt was made from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt blog.
It is now complete with sashings.

 I started by adding scrappy sashings which I decided looked too overpowering for an already very scrappy quilt. The only problem is that I had cut all my remaining fabric into 8 and a half  x 2 inch strips. Bad idea!

Then, I decided to use the red fabric that I had intended for borders, this looked much better but means I have no border fabric now!

I added green cornerstones, but then decided I didn't like them either!
Reverse sewing required!

So that is how I finally arrived at the red sashing with no cornerstones.

 I am now contemplating borders, this is a very difficult task as I have very little fabric remaining. The plan is to make a scrappy border first, followed by a border of the remaining red fabric which will have to be pieced as I have no long pieces left.
I could buy more fabric as I have found a supplier on the internet but really I like the challenge of working with what I have.
I originally bought 12 half metre pieces with 1 and a half metres for the borders. The finished quilt will be about 70 inches square so I don't think I have done too bad. I will have enough fabric for binding but not backing. I also have 8 orphan blocks and loads of crumbs!

 Janice, who is making two single bed sized Civil War quilts, has also just finished this lap quilt made with just one of the blocks, Kentucky Crossroads. Lovely isn't it? It is amazing how many of the blocks could be used on their own to make a great quilt.

Finally, these are some of Kath's blocks. She has made them with what she calls 'ugly fabric'!
As you can see the quilt be will far from ugly.

Between now and Easter we will all be trying to get our Civil War Quilts finished. By my reckoning there should be at least 25 between us, we could have our own quilt show!

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