Sunday, 17 June 2012

Red and White String Hearts.

I love scraps! I just can't help it - often the leftovers from a project excite me more than the original project.
Recently I have been playing with red and white scraps left over from one of my classes.
I started by making rectangular string blocks or 'bricks' as they are sometimes known. I then made these into hearts by adding white triangles.

 This produced lots of 'bonus triangles' which were just asking to be made into scrappy flying geese. These are 1.5 x 3 inches and will make great borders.
 Anthea has asked me to do a workshop on these string hearts at Quilting Antics in Settle. She has given me scraps to work with - here are some of the string bricks I have made.
Don't they look lovely when they are all trimmed and ready to turn into rainbow hearts!


Lizzie P said...

The colours in those strings are lovely!

Anonymous said...

keyless entry

Those strings and papers looks vibrant. I love the mix of different colors. It looks cool.