Tuesday, 29 April 2008


My design source is this carving which I believe comes from a door. I drafted the design onto squared paper which I greatly enjoyed as I love geometric designs. Colours were introduced.
My artwork is monoprinted using acrylic paints to give texture. The shapes were cut out and built up as a mosaic to represent the folded patchwork. If you look closely at the photo you can see Patches' whiskers!
The folded patchwork was done using my hand dyed fabrics. I really enjoyed making this sample and I am pleased with how it turned out.


Managed to get the April bag completed yesterday with just two days to spare. I am pleased with the results but I did not enjoy making it too much as I was using the wrong instructions - to cut a long story short - there was an error in the instructions but I did not realise until I had cut out my pieces - the error had been updated on BQL but guess who had printed the instructions on April 1st! That will teach me not to keep up to date with the BQL digests!
Anyway the bag is a gift for my friend Cathy - we share our birthday on May 7 - and as she has admired the BQL bags I decided to make one for her. Only problem is it is quite a big bag and she is quite a small person! The colours are chosen for her as she loves blue. Hope she does not read this blog!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Two weeks later.....

and where have I been?
For the last two weeks I have been teaching almost full time and this last weekend has been my City & Guilds weekend.
The weekend before - 12 & 13 April I went on a sort of crafting retreat with 6 of my friends from our embroidery group. We stayed in Reeth which is in the North Yorkshire Dales in a cottage and flat owned by Lynne.
This first picture is a felted wallhanging in the Tourist Info centre.
And a closer view...
Lynne's properties are in the building to the left of the Black Bull pub.
The other things going on in my world - this photo shows Jack, an unneutered tom cat who seems to have adopted us. He is very shy and I can only get to within about 3 feet of him. As soon as I can grab him he will be off to the vets for a little operation! He comes in to the house for feeding but here he is enjoying a little spring sunshine with Misty on the patio!
Sunday was the first outing for our VW camper to a local car show.

Monday, 7 April 2008

City & Guilds Module 3 Texture Sample 1 Rag Rugging

Back to my City & Guilds course......
I have missed my March class so there will be lots of catching up to do this month. First I need to finish my third module - Texture.
This sample is rag rugging - I can see its relevance to texture but not sure of the connection to patchwork and quilting!
The source is a couple of photos kindly lent to me by Angelcat
This is my artwork - reminiscent of nursery school?
And here is my rag rug sample!
Finally - guess what I found in the litter box the other day - must have been brought in by the cats and escaped. The poor little thing was safely put back into the garden - not sure how long it will survive though - my cats are excellent mousers!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Dear Jane Update

I am pleased to report that I am now totally up to date with my Dear Baby Jane challenge! Phew! I have finished off all the blocks I did in Scotland and squared them up. I have also done some new ones.
Chris's soccer field - the first foundation pieced block.
Uncle Homer which was a left over from a couple of weeks ago Mirror image which I have redone using hand piecing.
Dad's plaids which I have now sewn together.
So 10 blocks completed! Anina had set us the challenge to catch up over the weekend - mission accomplished!