Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 3 Shadow Applique

This module is based on the design source of a butterfly and the photo below shows my artwork which is done in watercolour pencils.

The next stage was to paint silk in the colours of our butterfly - as you can probably see I painted in a circular design to get the effect shown in the next photo. I also put salt on the painting to give the grainy effect.

The shape of the butterfly was bondawebbed onto a calico backing and then covered with organza. The shape was outlined and highlighted with hand backstitches in gold thread.
This was not one of my favourite samples but I can see how its use could enhance pieces such as wallhangings - not one for the bed quilts though!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 2 Crazy Patchwork

The second sample was crazy patchwork and not surprisingly I have chosen a cat theme again - tigers. We were told to make a collage using coloured tissue paper. I decided to focus on the stripe pattern on the tiger's head. It did feel a bit like going back to nursery school again but it didn't turn out too bad. I did get a few quizzical looks though when I showed it to my teenage sons!

This photo shows the design source photos and my collage.
A closer view of the collage.

This is my crazy patchwork sample. The middle fabric was just asking to be used in this one! I have seen quite a lot of crazy quilts done in this way and I think it works quite well even though you could say it is not very traditional. The block is foundation pieced onto calico. I did not use a pattern but just added strips as I went along trying to get an even balance of the colours. The block was then quilted using decorative stitches so that it was embellished and quilted at the same time.

I enjoyed working in this free way, with no precise cutting and no patterns to follow.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 1 Stitch & Slash

I am very aware that it is two months since my last blog entry. I do regret this but Christmas time is very busy for me. However I am pleased to report that Module 2 has been completed and I will post up each of the 8 samples and my resolved piece over the next few days.
I am pleased to report that all 8 of us are still continuing with the course and that I am greatly enjoying working with all of them.

Stitch and Slash or Chenille was our first sample.
Our brief was to use a monochromatic colour scheme as inspired by animals. As a cat lover I chose the cougar and had great fun choosing the fabrics to make up the layers.

This first photo shows my design source and my artwork which is a painting in which I tried to determine the different shades of brown which make up the cougar's fur.

This photo shows my stitched sample alongside the design source. Although it is quite difficult to see in a photo the match is very close and I was very pleased with the result.
This photo shows the whole sample. The top fabric is a mottled one with shades of brown and grey. The layers were made up of grey and brown plain fabrics and the base was a black velvet secured on a calico backing.