Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Elegant Geometry - Quilt Study Centre Lincoln Nebraska

We spent last weekend in Lincoln, which is the capitol city of the state of Nebraska. The University has a Quilt Study Centre which is a unique place to visit. The building is purpose built for the study, exhibition, storage and conservation of quilts. It has been funded by generous donations particularly from Robert and Ardis James who also donated their collection of quilts.
I know that I am lucky enough to live near the British Quilt Museum and Gallery but I would love to live within travelling distance of the Quilt Study Centre.
It has a main gallery on the middle of its three floors which is very large and easily houses two quilt exhibitions.
The first of the current exhibitions is called Elegant Geometry and has been curated by Bridget Long who is a past president of the British Quilters Guild and a quilt historian. The exhibition has examples of British and American quilts done in the mosaic style ( over papers). Bridget has decided that this should not be called English Paper Piecing as it was not only done by the English!

This is the area outside the main gallery.

Hope you enjoy these photos of some of the quilts on display. Although the hexagon is a favourite shape as you would expect there were also quilts with squares, diamonds and triangles.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Monument Valley

I have been having loads of problems with blogger recently so I apologise for some gaps between posting. Mostly the problems have been with posting photos but also had problems with erratic internet connections and not least my little laptop which is on its last legs!

Anyway we are now on our way back to Chicago taking in as many places, mainly National Parks as we can. So far we have visited Zion National Park, Death Valley, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell and we are mow on our way to the Rocky Mountains National Park near Denver, Colorado.

We tried to visit Monument Valley on Sunday but it was being attacked by a wind storm so we stayed nearby and went back on Monday when the weather was much better.

We went on a guided tour which is really the best way to see it as the road is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles.

Monument Valley was made famous by the old Western Movies. Here is a 'cowboy' posing for the visitors. You could have your photo taken on the horse for $2! Not that I would of course!

Two examples of 'window rocks.'

We had lunch in the restaurant of the 'View Hotel'

A very aptly named hotel - always fully booked in the summer - $300 dollars per night.

The famous mittens

The mittens and Merrick Butte - you can just see the dirt road in the foreground.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

A hot day in Las Vegas!

Here are some photos from our long hot day in Las Vegas.
Donny and Marie were playing at the Flamingo but it was a little too expensive for us.

No trip is complete without the Bellagio fountains.

There was a surprise in the shopping mall of the Cosmopolitan Hotel - windows full of old sewing machines!

We visited the Luxor which was a return visit from 2002 - it hasn't changed much. This is the sphinx at the entrance to the hotel from the monorail station.

The black pyramid is in the background.

New York New York and the MGM Grand.