Monday, 21 April 2008

Two weeks later.....

and where have I been?
For the last two weeks I have been teaching almost full time and this last weekend has been my City & Guilds weekend.
The weekend before - 12 & 13 April I went on a sort of crafting retreat with 6 of my friends from our embroidery group. We stayed in Reeth which is in the North Yorkshire Dales in a cottage and flat owned by Lynne.
This first picture is a felted wallhanging in the Tourist Info centre.
And a closer view...
Lynne's properties are in the building to the left of the Black Bull pub.
The other things going on in my world - this photo shows Jack, an unneutered tom cat who seems to have adopted us. He is very shy and I can only get to within about 3 feet of him. As soon as I can grab him he will be off to the vets for a little operation! He comes in to the house for feeding but here he is enjoying a little spring sunshine with Misty on the patio!
Sunday was the first outing for our VW camper to a local car show.

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