Saturday, 26 July 2008

What a lovely day!

Today must have been the hottest day of the year here in Yorkshire. So how have we spent it? Securing our garden against chicken break out!

Maggie, the most cunning of the 3 chickens decided to introduce herself to the neighbours this morning. By the time they called me to catch her she had visited gardens three doors down from us!

So there was nothing for it - defences needed to be strengthened.

This is the naughty Maggie after capture!

Those of you who already have chickens will now be laughing as this was what we were using to keep them in the bottom part of the garden!
The next photo shows Chloe enjoying a dust bath she dug herself in the lawn.

Work was now underway on the new gate with the girls helping. The shed is the henhouse - it used to be the kids playshed.
Maggie and Chloe break off for another dust bath!
The third chicken has not been named yet but this photo shows how the feathers are regrowing on her neck. We wanted to call her after a famous persecuted woman but Joan (as in Joan of Arc) was all we came up with and Geoff doesn't like it. Any suggestions greatly received!
This photo shows the new gate in place with more netting to the side. The girls safely behind their new barricade - I decided to make it a bit more homely by painting on the gate!
The new view up the steps towards the house - just need to put more netting to the right hand side of the gate and that should then be chicken proof! Until Maggie works out another point of weakness!

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