Monday 28 January 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 2 Crazy Patchwork

The second sample was crazy patchwork and not surprisingly I have chosen a cat theme again - tigers. We were told to make a collage using coloured tissue paper. I decided to focus on the stripe pattern on the tiger's head. It did feel a bit like going back to nursery school again but it didn't turn out too bad. I did get a few quizzical looks though when I showed it to my teenage sons!

This photo shows the design source photos and my collage.
A closer view of the collage.

This is my crazy patchwork sample. The middle fabric was just asking to be used in this one! I have seen quite a lot of crazy quilts done in this way and I think it works quite well even though you could say it is not very traditional. The block is foundation pieced onto calico. I did not use a pattern but just added strips as I went along trying to get an even balance of the colours. The block was then quilted using decorative stitches so that it was embellished and quilted at the same time.

I enjoyed working in this free way, with no precise cutting and no patterns to follow.

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