Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Maisy wants to go to Texas!

Tomorrow we are starting our trip to Arizona, Texas and New Mexico so today I have been packing. Look what I found in the suitcase!! Maisy is the fourth of my cats and the last to be introduced on the blog. She is very shy and hates having her photo taken. She is mother to Patches, Gizmo and Misty. They were born October 16th 2005 - Maisy came to live with us just 3 days before giving birth - she was less than a year old herself. She had 6 kittens, sadly the first died, we kept 3 and Daisy and Norman were adopted by a friend of mine.
Today is also my son Jonathan's 16th Birthday. We went out to celebrate and this is him with his GF Zig. You can probably see his birthday gift on the photo - lip piercings!!
This is my youngest son, Robert.
And finally me and Geoff.

Hope to continue blogging in America!!

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Angela said...

Hope you have a great time in the US. It was great to see pictures of you and your family. Does Maisy have a passport? It looks like you will have an extra guest on your trip :)