Monday 31 March 2008

More DJ blocks completed.

As I said in my previous post we are currently in Scotland. I do not have my sewing machine with me so have been getting on with my applique blocks. This is the first time that I have done reverse applique and due to Anina's excellent instructions it has gone very well. I am really enjoying the DJ challenge so far and also I am learning so much as it is such a complicated quilt pattern. That is also my excuse as to why I am allowing myself to do it alongside my City and Guilds. Actually I think the two complement each other very well. Dad's plaids did give my a hard time. As usual the problem was that I did not read the tutorial carefully enough and I didn't realise that some of the diagrams in the book did not actually match the blocks exactly. So when I traced the design onto freezer paper the 'melons' were too large to do the reverse applique. Anyway I think I have figured it out ok - they need to be stitched together - I will do this when I get home on Thursday.

The other two applique blocks worked out fine - I also loved learning the 'freezer paper on top' method of applique.
That is 7 of the 8 blocks completed - I have left Uncle Homer to be done on the machine. I have also redone the Mirror Image by the hand piecing method and will join that by machine later. Of course I will not be doing todays foundation pieced block until I get home either.
Glad to have nearly caught up though as when I get home I must get up to date with my City and Guilds and shock horror I have to go to work next week as I have loads of teaching coming up.


Anina said...

My! You've been a busy bee. Your blocks look great. Congratulations!

Lynda said...

I too love the freezer paper on top method. It's really hard to explain, but works really well. Your DJ blocks look great.