Sunday, 14 June 2009

Final College Weekend

It has been a beautiful weekend here in Yorkshire and I have spent it in the best possible way - at college quilting with my fellow students. (Well not that much quilting actually but enjoying the company of fellow quilters and embroiderers)
I have made some more progress on the Laura Ashley quilt and after some input from my tutor the end is in sight, I will post progress soon.
I just have a few random photos to share. The full time students are in the process of putting together their end of term show and I could not resist taking some photos.

As you may know I love using recycled fabrics but this dress made of capri sun drinks containers was stunning - beautifully designed and made.
Also the lovely shopping bag - I loved it!
Also a fan of Andy Warhol art - this artwork also caught my eye - stunning!
Finally, one of my fellow students, Judith, brought in a wonderful sampler quilt to show us but this block was the highlight for me. I hated doing clamshells but clamshell cats! - how cute are they? Thanks Judith for allowing me to share this on my blog.
Technically college is over for this year, I have four of my five pieces signed off. Only my quilt needs to be finished. In two weeks we have our end of term exhibition and I aim to have everything finished by then.
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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a fun group of photos! Thanks for sharing.

Jude said...

Love the dress and bag...
So pleased you've enjoyed yourself.
Can't wait for photos of show!
Take care