Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Colourful antique quilts.

Not much quilting has occurred in the last few days so no progress reports at the moment. This week is the last week of school here in England so I am busy with last minute stuff, not least help with GCSE Art coursework which I should be able to show soon.
Anyway I still have loads of stuff to blog from our recent trip to the US.
When we were in Paducah we went to a smaller show in a church hall which had a small display of antique quilts mostly from the 19th century. I was particularly taken with the brightly coloured, pieced ones as these are my favourite type of quilts.

This is a traditional Double Wedding Ring done in the 1940s but it is so modern! I love the rainbow placement of colours in the curved piecing.
This one is Goose Tracks from the 1880s, I love the use of the yellow and the hand quilting in the plain squares.
A lovely example of Trip Around the World. A bit more pastel than some of the Typical Amish ones but the colour placement is superb and gives it real 'movement'.
This one is an unusual colour combination but so refreshingly different. Again I love the yellow!
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blushing rose said...

This is a bright yellow, pretty design. TTFN~Marydon

Unknown said...

Hi Janet,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog - my husband and i are tripping to the US next week, and doing the Illinois part of 'route 66'. My interest is patchwork and quilting. I am hoping to come home with a couple of antique/old quilts in my suitcase! Are they easy to find over there in antique malls? Regards, another Janet.

Janet said...

Hi Janet
Hope you have a good trip. I cannot reply fully because you did not send your email. If you read this send me your email address and then I can reply to you properly.