Friday, 2 October 2009

Crazy Patchwork

I have now started my new City & Guilds course so a lot of the work you see will be related to that. Our first topic was crazy patchwork which I am not a big fan of. However I did enjoy making this piece out of recycled shirts - it is only 10 inches square.

The second sample is made out of paper something I have been wanting to try. Turned out quite well I think.

If you want to read about these samples in more depth click over to my other blog - details in sidebar.

In other areas of my life I have also been quite busy - back at college teaching my usual subject of food safety. Also we have cleared out DS1's bedroom to get him a new desk and wardrobe and make it more like a university style room than a teenagers bedroom. This required trips to the dump and charity shop yesterday plus lots of cleaning but it was worth it. He is very pleased with it and I was glad to get rid of so much stuff!


Quilthaze said...

These both look great Janet. I love the Recycled Crazy Quilt - especially the label! I've looked on your City and Guilds blog but can't see the pictures. Who'd work with computers!

Deb Hardman said...

I love to do an occaisional crazy patch. They are always different, always fun. Several years ago I had the opportunity to hang out with Dorothy Stapelton, a really fun crazy quilter from the UK.
I love your samples! Good job!

Lynda said...

I sahre your pain on the bedroom front. We have recently had to clear out the garage (mainly full of DS and DD's stuff) and took a carful to the tip and one to the charity shop. Just need them both to come home for a visit so they can get rid of more!