Monday, 16 November 2009

Don't call the quilt police!

I thought I would share this City & Guilds piece with you this morning - but beware some readers may find it upsetting!

The part I am referring to is the background quilting - if you look closely you will see it is all loopy. What's more - this is how it is supposed to be! Apparently it is a legitimate stitch in the world of machine embroidery - feather stitch!

Usually I have no problem getting this effect but I really struggled to get it to do this on this piece. I have to say I don't like it and it jumps out at me everytime I look at it. Anyway I have done the piece as I was instructed.

It has made up into a mini quilt 10 x 10 inches. When I showed DH he really liked and and asked if I could enter it into one of the quilt shows! Oh no I said, I would be ashamed to show it!
Do you think the judges would get it?


Jude said...

Yes, of course they'd get it...
it's gorgeous!

Heckety said...

Well I really like the colours but I have to say I struggle to 'get' quilts like this, but that's not a criticizm so don't take it as such please? So when I don't 'get' a quilt I just enjoy the colours, and if I don't 'get' the colours well then I hope the quilter enjoyed making it! At the end of the day sure isn't that what its about?