Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Day.

Today has been a snow day - this means schools have been closed and most people have not been to work or come home early. It was snowing steadily at 7am and snowed until after it got dark at 4pm. We have had at least 6 inches of snow which is quite a lot for us.
It is good to stay warm indoors and get on with quilting, or even just household chores but if it continues it will start to mean things I enjoy will be cancelled.
I have already had to cancel a visit to a dear friend tomorrow and my embroidery meeting tomorrow night might be at risk. Thursday is hubbie's birthday and we are hoping to go out for the day and that might not be possible either.

This is the view from our back window just as it was getting dark. The building is actually a little brick built outhouse which used to be the wash house when our house was built about 100 years ago.

My car and our road completely covered in snow.

The chickens have had to stay in the hen house all day and the cats have stayed in too.
Here they are enjoying tuna for lunch!


Quilthaze said...

I had a snow day too and looks like we'll have another tomorrow and possibly Thursday! Better make the most of it!!

Susan Briscoe said...

I dug out the cat flat for yet another time today but don't think our two have ANY plans to venture out. However, the snow (which we've had since December 20th) gives a brilliant daylight for hand applique!

I've been enjoying the progress of your overdyed stripes too.