Monday 8 February 2010

Woven Fabric Mini Quilt

This is actually one of my City & Guilds 10 inch square mini quilts but I thought I would share it on my main blog as it is a technique that I have never tried before. It is a lot of fun and you can achieve quite good results with a minimum of effort.
The fabric is cut out as two squares, one blue and one pink. Bondaweb is applied to each. They are each then randomly cut into wavy strips which are woven together. The whole thing is then ironed to stick it all together abd then the raw edges are zig zagged in satin stitch.
I then appliqued a flower using bondaweb and used raw edge applique and stippling on this.

The inspiration for this little quilt came from this book which is full of lovely woven quilts.


Cheryl Willis said...

this looks like a fun, fast idea for making placemats or small table runners

Davina said...

Fab quilt! I've done that wavy weaving with paper, but never tried fabric..... might give it a go sometime