Friday, 19 March 2010

Quilts 1700-2010 Quilts by Tracy Emin and Grayson Perry.

Two of the exhibits at Quilts 1700-2010 have been made by contemporary artists rather than quilters and the presence of these exhibits will prove to be controversial among quilters I am sure.
The first is another bed by Tracy Emin - made famous by the 'other bed' of course. Lots of people do not like her work but I must confess I am a fan of hers - I even walked right through the exhibition to find this piece as I was keen to see it. It is not a quilt - I don't think any of it is actually quilted but it is patchwork and it is art. And I liked it.

If you click on this photo you will be able to read the information on the boards.

The other contemporary artist to show his work was Grayson Perry. I had never heard of him until I saw him on TV a few months ago in 'Have I Got News For You' dressed as a woman!
Again I have to admit to finding him an interesting person with interesting opinions and I love his quilt!

Here is a close up - I like the fact that it is based on the tumbling blocks pattern and I like the repetition even though some would say that the subject matter was a bit gruesome even shocking.

There were quite a few quilts by contemporary quilters such as Pauline Burbridge and Jo Budd but I felt that they were totally overshadowed by the old quilts which were without doubt the stars of the show.


Jude said...

Thank you Jan, I found that very interesting..
Though Tracy Emin's ( which I liked)was fabric and patchwork, was it not an installation?
And Grayson..yes, I think he's captured a very controversional subject and applied it to a quilt very well..
I've got some photos from my son's partner, I'm hoping to post them today...from Pensylvania..Amish Quilts..wonderful.
Take care, once again thank you..I wouldn't have seen those if it wasn't for you..x

Texture Trail said...

Thank you for the lovely photos of the exhibition. I am planning to go soon, so it was great to see a preview.
Jane Greiner, Berkshire