Sunday, 4 April 2010

Quilts 1700 - 2010. Two contemporary quilts.

There are quite a few contemporary quilts in the exhibition. There has been much discussion about whether they fit in or not. My view is that the old quilts were the stars of the show but I do appreciate that some people will not have seen the work of contemporary quiltmakers.
I have to admit that many of the contemporary quilts did not inspire me and I have seen better work at quilts shows - but these two below did catch my attention and were my favourite contemporary pieces.

This quilt is called 'Chinese Dream' and is made by Susan Stockwell. The quilt is made entirely out of Chinese paper banknotes. It features a map of the world and is supposed to represent the rise of China in the global economy and the way in which bank notes are recycled in the same way that other quilt materials can be.

The second quilt is by Pauline Burbridge. We are studying her at college and I am only just 'getting into' her work but it is growing on me and I do like this quilt.

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Quilthaze said...

I liked these ones too!

Cheryl Willis said...

Interesting, the first one I can understand, don't know that I would have thought of it, or have a desire to create it. The second one I don't understand, so there is probably no chance I would add it to my TO-DO. What I do find interesting is that with the first one the designer chose to use the combos of paper,quilting,political message etc... Both are interesting, thanks for sharing. cw

Pam D said...

The bank-note quilt is really unusual! Forgive a dumb question, but how is something like this made from paper bank notes?? Are they backed with something else to make them more durable and able to be sewn?


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

these are so interesting, unusual, and very creative!enererl