Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lovely hexagon quilt from Wales.

I always enjoy looking at hexagon quilts and I have a couple of examples in my collection of antique/vintage quilts. I also have a lot of hexagon fabric pieces of vintage Laura Ashley fabric and an unfinished quilt top made of them!
This is a quilt on display at the moment in the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre and it is a really interesting example.

As it says below it is made of silk and velvet. I love the use of the black background and the way she has appliqued each 'flower' onto a black velvet hexagon. I think this is a great idea as it separates each flower giving them more impact.
As you can see she has embroidered around each flower - I assume this is to attach it to the black hexagon. The embroidery stitch looks like a fly stitch to me.
Some of the fabrics have disintegrated and the papers are shown underneath. This is the strange bit - I wonder why she left them in when the quilt appears to be finished?
Here is the entire quilt. A fabulous example of a hexagon quilt.
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RG said...

Hi Janet, just popping across from the GHQA groups.
This is a beautiful antique quilt... lovely. The embroidery is a wonderful idea and it is curious about the papers :-)
Thanks for the invite.

Robyn xx

Jude said...

Wow, that is wonderful...
I've been toying with the idea of a hex quilt and I do really like the idea of a black background...
Can't see very well though, are the hex flowers appliqued on to background or is the background made up of hexs too....Is that clear??
I've been back in UK, and now it's so hot here in Crete I've not got the strength to update my blog... sad isn't it!!
But I will....very soon....!!

Annabelle said...

Love the hexies ... I know just how difficult they are from long ago when I hand made one for my daughter. I am now a new crafter and blogger after a long break and am looking for inspiration for my new site Love to be in the area to take your classes

Chris said...

We are just back from a few days in Wales so was amused to see your entry as this hexagon quilt was amongst my favourites when my sister & I visited the museum yesterday.
I have a hexagon project on the go so this has certainly inspired me although my 1" hexagons look huge next to those in this quilt
Chris x