Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My favourite gallery at Festival of Quilts - DeAnne Hartwell-Jones

As promised here are photos of quilts from my favourite gallery - welsh quilts by DeAnne Hartwell-Jones. As you may know I love Welsh medallion quilts and this lady is a prolific maker of them and the amazing thing is that they are all hand made, mostly by the piecing over papers method.
The other great thing is that she also makes quilts out of the traditional Welsh wool and guess who came home with two big bags of offcuts from the Welsh woollen mills?

Here you can see the papers still in the back of this quilt.
This lovely quilt is made from Welsh wool flannel, lovely colours and great use of striped fabric.

Lots of lovely medallion quilts.

This courthouse steps quilt is also made out of Welsh wool - foundation pieced by hand.

So much inspiration for me to make my own Welsh Quilt - I have three planned in my head already!


Susan Briscoe said...

DeAnne's work is fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing her exhibition - one that was a must see at FoQ for me.

Are you coming to Harrogate this weekend? Maybe see you there!

Pippa Moss - Welsh Quilts said...

I enjoyed seeing DeAnnes's work as well - she is a lovely lady to talk to. I was interested in her use of wools from the Woollen Museum.

Quilthaze said...

These are a real inspiration! I can't wait to see your wool fabrics.

Heckety said...

These are lovely quilts! And some of them must have taken SOME PIECING!! I love the muted colours and tactile-ness (?) of wool quilts.

anthea said...

this work is outstanding, I'm really disappointed I couldn't go this year and see it

LuAnn said...

I love all of the medallion quilts especially the one in red w/some blue that has all of the different borders. Great photos.

Susan Briscoe said...

For anyone who can get over to the Chester area, DeAnne is teaching a workshop for Chester Ps & Qs - piecing with flannel - and (as of yesterday) there were 3 places left.

I wanted to go but I'm teaching elsewhere on that day. :-(