Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow, Cabin Fever and a giveaway.

Here are the inevitable snow pictures! Everything I have tried to do this week has been cancelled due to the white stuff and now I feel that I have a dose of what can only be described as 'cabin fever!'
These photos were taken by Geoff on Wednesday and things are not much different now. Our street is treacherous due to compacted snow and ice and we live on quite a steep hill.

Fancy a camping trip? Ironically we have just acquired one of those 'camper covers' but who knows when we will be able to use it!
What about a nice sit on the patio?
This weekend I was supposed to be at college for my City & Guilds course. This also has been cancelled - although I don't think I would have attempted the drive to Skipton anyway.
The down side with this is that I don't get to spend time with my classmates, Rachel, Anne-Marie and Hazel. This is a real shame as we have become good friends over the 3/4 years I have known them.
However you can get to know Hazel a little bit better by heading over to her blog where she is having a great giveaway with 3 prizes all relating to the Quilt Show.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow--that is impressive snow! We only got a dusting, which really disappointed the kids! But there is still plenty of winter who knows!

Quilthaze said...

You definitely have had more snow than us and I though we had a lot. I wouldn't fancy camping just now!! Thanks for the giveaway mention :)

Tatiana Connor said...

Thanks a lot for your interesting blog and...I will fallow you...

Good luck, Tatiana, USA