Friday 4 February 2011

I am getting a sewing room!

This is because my sewing space downstairs is constantly being invaded by teenagers, husband, cats and.................small soldiers!

These are photos taken by my youngest son, Rob who is studying Interactive Media at college. They were taken for a project last term.
I am actually in the process of acquiring a sewing room - Rob's old bedroom but it is a slow process sorting through 16 years worth of toys and deciding which to keep.

It will be lovely to have my own sewing space soon.
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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Having your own Mom Cave is great!!!!!!! You can even go in there and close the door with a sign on " I am on strike, let me know when dinner is done" I love my own room, even if it is on the third floor. The stairs kill my knees, and there is no bathroom up there either.

Clare said...

I love my sewing room, even though it has been invaded by some of DH's stuff. However, it's still "my space". Enjoy it!

Jude said...

Lucky , Lucky you....I'm so jealous....
Hope you are well
Take care

anthea said...

I am so jealous, every time I get a sniff of my own space someone moves back home... I must be treating them too well. Just one question, where will your little soldier sleep when he comes home in the hols? I'm looking for answers as hopefully Nats goes to uni in September and I want to know how you did it.