Monday, 14 November 2011

Hello - I'm Back Again - With lots of quilts to show!

Hello! I'm back again!
Don't really know why I have stopped blogging recently. I have been busy with new quilt classes and lots of workshops but I suppose really that you just get out of the habit.
The first photo I am going to show is very special. This quilt top was made by my good friend Chris who sadly lost her battle with cancer and passed away on October 28th.
This is the quilt she was making for her new Gandaughter, Charlie who currently lives in California. The block comes from Quilters Cache and is called California.
I was lucky enough to meet Charlie at Chris's funeral, Chris didn't quite manage to complete this quilt before she died but me and a couple of her quilting friends will make sure that its all finished for when Charlie comes back at Christmas.

 Recently we had a show and tell at our embroidery and patchwork group and I took some photos of quilts that were made in my classes last year. This is Kath, hiding behind her 'Handbags' cushion.
 The cushion holds this quilt which Kath designed using my little handbag block.
 This is Kath's Blue Ridge Beauty which is a Bonnie Hunter design. We worked on scrap quilts and using recycled clothing last year. This quilt is made entirely from recycled shirts.
 Smruti made a baby quilt using Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Irish Chain block.
 Jean's Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt.
 Look at the back!
 And Celia's Scrappy Irish Chain.
What lovely quilts!


Susan Briscoe said...

Ooh, nice to see you're posting again!

Was talking about you just the other day, as we are finally putting together that red dresser I picked up on my last visit to Barnsley. Always think of you when I see it :-)

Angie said...

Yes, what lovely quilts indeed! and how lovely that you will finish your friend's quilt for her.