Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Borders for Little Log Cabin Trees

   The Little Log Cabin Trees quilt now has two borders and is all layered up ready for quilting.
It was quite difficult to decide which border fabric to use. I had run out of the white on white background fabric and any other white fabric I put next to it just made it look too cream in colour. I knew I wanted a really skinny border made out of my scrap bag strings and then one more border.
After auditioning most of the green fabric in my stash I decided on this green spot on a white background.

I really like the skinny border, a bit fiddly to do at 1/2 inch finished width!
I decided to do mitred corners on the outer border.

This little quilt finishes at about 28 inches square and is now layered and tacked. I am quilting it in white cotton thread, outlining the trees first and then I will see how the mood takes me!


Sandra Wyman said...

Looking betterer and betterer, Janet!

Sue Wild said...

That's a lovely quilt Janet. The borders (especially the skinny one - worth the effort) set it off nicely. The white on white would have just too much but this looks just right.