Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hexagon Pincushions

My mini workshop at International Quilting Day was a hexagon pincushion.
Hexagons, made by the English paper piecing method, often have a bad reputation in P&Q circles as they are the point at which most of us started patchwork, many people abandoning it at this point.
To illustrate this point, most of us have an unfinished hexagon quilt in our UFOs (go on, admit it!)

However, here in blogland, hexagons have been undergoing something of a revival and many internet groups have been making hexie quilts.

So, I decided that we should include hexagons in our IQD activities and came up with this little hexagon pincushion design made with only 8 hexagons.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy making it on the day and I know that some of you have secretly been making more!

I confess to having more than one hexie project in my UFOs and I love making them! The red ones are for a block in a red and white quilt I am making - more on that soon!

It is now officially the Easter holidays and I have two weeks with no teaching. I am going to try to catch up on gardening, tidying the sewing room and working on some of my UFOs. I am also going to try to blog about some of these because sometimes I am just too busy to keep you up to date with my quilting activities!


Quilthaze said...

I enjoyed making my pincushion even though I'm usually a machine quilter. I can see how hexagons could get addictive! Thanks for organising the project Janet.

Liz said...

Hello Janet, would you be happy for me to share this pincuhion with my quilting group as a small project to make for our show and perhaps for the sales table?
Best wishes