Sunday, 18 March 2012

International Quilt Day - The Results!

Yesterday was our International Quilt Day Event.

 Here are the wonderful red and white block lotto blocks
 We had cake - lots of cake!
Elsie made a special red and white patchwork cake - thanks Elsie, I was really touched.

 The silent auction was even better this year, fabric, patterns and books galore!
 Here is everyone enjoying themselves - 52 ladies and 2 young quilters.
And the result of all this fun, stitching and cake eating......


raised for Barnsley Hospice!

Thanks to everyone for your support - see you next year!


Cheryl Willis said...

Looks like the quilters really came together for a good cause and a lot of fun, fellowship, food, and fabric!

Sue Wild said...

Pleased you all had a good day and raised lots of money. Plenty of encouragement for Young Quilters too.
Love all those red and white blocks.
Say hi to anyone from Barnsley who knows me. Sue

Peneller said...

So pleased you all had a good time and raised so much money. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to go.

Melanie Green said...

Sorry I missed it but will be there next year.