Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How many things can you make from a recycled cotton shirt?

I know that I have not shared much recently - life has been hectic and most quilting has been work related making sample blocks and quilts for classes.
However this is a little treat I have been meaning to share for a while. All the items in the following photos were made by Maureen, a creative and prolific quilter who attends my Tuesday class and does not have a blog of her own so it is my duty to share her work with you all.
She started with a red white and blue men's shirt that she bought at the International Quilt Day Event.
She added some plain white and blue star fabric and made a quilt.

 Here is a close up.
 Then she made a bag - here is one side, note the button holes in the handle!
 This is the other side - the label from the shirt has made the flag on the yacht!
 Then she made a cushion.
 A couple of pincushions made from the scraps!
 And finally this cute little fella!
 Look at his coat with tails made from the collar tips!
Awesome work Maureen!

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Sharon B said...

How creative! What a great way to upcycle! Wish I had thought of this and she used every scrap too