Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Completion of Module 1.

I am delighted to report that Module 1 has now been completed and assessed. I attended college for the third weekend this last weekend. Got my log book this weekend so now feel a bit clearer about what I am supposed to achieve. There are actually 8 of us on the Patchwork and Quilting - sorry I seemed to have missed someone on my earlier post. We are on the first year of the Certificate or Level 3 City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting. I do feel its all rather confusing so thought I'd clarify this again for those who may just be joining us.

I appreciate that there are many different styles and methods of teaching this course so I wanted to record my City and Guilds journey so that others can compare and contrast. Also I feel that there is so little info out there for people who may be interested in doing the course that I thought that my experiences may be useful. Mainly though this is an exercise for me to record my own progress so that it will be an ongoing record of my work. Also with two teenage sons in the house I recognise the value of an e-portfolio in modern education and it will also help me develop my IT skills. You may be interested to learn that a friend of mine is doing C&G Embroidery at another college and they are doing no sewing at all in the first year!! Seems a strange way to keep the interest of an embroiderer. Even though I am new to all this I have now grasped the importance of the art work and design element of the C&G and in future I will post up my artwork with my samples. At this point I must point out that I am a trained scientist not an artist but I would like to share my work - even if it is only as an encouragement to other novice artists out there. As it says in my profile I am a further education teacher - I forgot to say my main subject is Biology (here I have something in common with Sandie Lush - shame my hand quilting is not up to the same standard!!). However as an FE teacher myself this makes me even more interested in the development of the course for me.

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