Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Module 1 - Resolved Piece.

At the end of each module students are required to submit a resolved piece. This is a piece of artwork which shows how you can interpret the theme of the module - Line in this case - into your designs. Frankly this frightened me to death so I got up very early one morning and sat at my dining table determined to get it done in one sitting. Or put another way - stop pontificating and just do it. As said previously I am a scientist so I approached it like this - I chose a photo showing a good example of line - trees in this case, I then looked at in terms of how I could use this design to develop ideas for designing a quilt.

I then did several pieces of art work in acrylic paint, pastels and water soluble pencils to develop the idea coming up with designs for strip pieced quilts and finally a design based on diamonds. Anyway to my great relief my tutor really liked it and gave me very good feedback for it. Not only am I pleased to have successfully completed this but it has given me lots more confidence for my next pieces and I already have an idea for my resolved piece for Module 2.
The pieces are actually in a zig zag book which I made for the purpose and they follow on in a line - I just had to photograph them in two photos. Hope they are not too faint for you to see - I'm afraid that the colours are quite pale.

Another thing that we did as part of Module 1 was to make books. This first photo shows a kind of origami book - it is actually only about 2 inches square. Back and front are alike covered in fabric which has had an ivy leaf print appliqued to it. The next photo shows the inside which contains fabric samples.

This last photo shows a book we made using satay sticks. This book is then to be used for collecting photos and info on exhibitions we have visited etc.


Kate North said...

I like that tree book, Janet - very nice. A brave woman you are to take on City & Guilds :) Maybe someday...

Janet said...

Thanks Kate
The City and Guilds does rather take over your life - but I can think of a lot worse ways of spending your time ( Housework for example!) So far I am loving it but am a bit worried how I am going to keep up with all the work - perhaps if I spent a bit less time blogging....?!