Monday 3 March 2008

BQL March Bag Challenge

I knew I had to get this one done early as we will be away on holiday for most of March but I am pleased and proud to report that I have done 2!
One was completed on Saturday and the other yesterday which was my mother's day treat - to sew for most of the day with a short break to go and see my own Mum. As you may be able to recognise I have used Rowan fabrics for the strips as this is my favourite fabric at the moment and I bought loads of packs of strips at the NEC. I am collecting Rowan fabrics at the moment and have lots! The reason that there are two bags is that I cut far too many strips.
Anyway it has worked out well as the first bag with the green lining had handles which I thought were a bit too short so that one will be for MILs birthday in May.
The one with the grey lining will be mine as I made the handles slightly longer . They are really easy and enjoyable to make and are a really good size for the shopping.


Angela said...

Your bags are great and so quick off the mark! I have my strips cut but that's ass far as I've got so far :)

Lynda said...

This is the second 'March' BQL bag I have seen today! Yours is beautiful with the calm top section and fabulous colours down below!