Friday, 29 February 2008

Completed projects and an introduction!

These are a couple of items completed last weekend. I have decided that I want to include finished items in my blog then I can actually see what I achieve and it may give me some incentive to get things finished!
The first two photos are of the pencil roll I have made for DS1's birthday on Tues. He will be 16 and is studying graphics and art. The next photo shows the back which I hope will be trendy enough for him! I have used elastic and a button as a fastener.

The next two photos show a finished afghan which took approx 1 year to complete. It is approx 6 x 4 feet and is made with 100% wool yarn which is spacedyed. It will be going into our VW camper to keep me warm on our camping trips.
And finally here is Gizmo, the third of my four cats. Gizmo is brother to Misty and Patches and a very handsome tom cat.

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