Monday 12 May 2008


I am hideously behind with my Dear Jane challenge but I have not given up and I WILL catch up soon. I am just so busy with my C&G at the moment and that is taking up all my time.
The first block is B12 Starflower and this has been done using reverse applique - a technique I had never tried before joining the DJ challenge but one I really like. The second block is B2 Sweet Tater Pie. This is my second attempt at this block - the first was hand pieced - it came out too small and I could not get the center right. This second block is much better as I used the method of half square triangles - cut a circle and appliqued it.
The third block is K7 Rose of Sharing. Appliqued in four pieces which are then joined.
Finally C3 Rayelle's Fence - very time consuming but worthwhile. This was foundation pieced in strips and then strips joined in traditional manner.
The final photo shows the method I am using to keep track of my colour placement. It is a calico grid of one inch squares. Each time I make a block I attach a square of the fabric used with my tagging gun. I know that a lot of you have fancy computer grids to do this - but this method works well for me.
I am reusing some of the fabrics so this helps me to see how the finished quilt will look. It is going to be random - not TATW.


Anina said...

Very pretty blocks! Are you doing "trip around the world" or scrappy?

Stacy A. said...

Janet, that is a great idea for keeping track of your blocks, at least for us less savvy at photo and quilt programs. I just have a black and white printout with the blocks colored in but with your way I could see the actual fabric! Your blocks look great as well.
And what unique work with the cathedral window. The couching is a great idea. All your work is so creative. Thank you for sharing. Love Stacy