Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Do you work best under pressure?

A while ago I promised to make a set of curtains for a friends VW camper. Anyway last week I got word that they were attending a big VW event in London and Brighton on October 17th and would the curtains be ready??
I had set aside all spare time last weekend and this week to try to get ready for my next City & Guilds class but this is what I have been working on instead! The curtains are double sided so that they look just as good from outside as inside and I have stitched in tabs with press studs to fasten them back when open. The van is a 1960s split screen VW camper in turquoise and white. I promise to add some photos when I have them. I have done 6 pairs for the side windows and 1 pair for the back window. I still have the large curtain for the cab to do but I ran out of time.
The fabric was bought from the USA and of course I did not buy enough! Luckily I did have a personal stash of this which I am now going to have to use. This fabric is like rocking horse droppings and I cannot find any more in any of the online shops I have searched. It is from the range Lightning Bugs and other Mysteries by Heather Ross for Free Spirit Fabrics. I know that I have some readers of this blog from the US so if you do find some in your LQS please let me know!!!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What super fabric...shame you can't find it anymore as it is one I'd love to have...Hopefully someone out there might have some they are willing to spare.

Angela said...

That fabric is wonderful, such a fun design!

Lynda said...

Is it a law of physics (like Boyle's law for example) that however much of a fabric that you buy because you love it (rather than for a specific purpose) there is never quite enough for the project you eventually decide to use it for!