Monday, 6 October 2008

Our weekend craft project - crochet rugs!

As we were lucky enough to spend lots of time crafting this weekend, Lynne and I decided to try making crochet rugs out of fabric strips. We learnt how to cut continuous strips of fabric (quite time consuming but we have it mastered now!!) and then we used them to make circular rugs. We used thin jersey fabric but cotton would be best as you can tear the strips rather than using the rotary cutter. Lynne's rug turned out approx 30 inches in diameter and only took her a few hours to make.
It is really thick and heavy and of course washable and now has pride of place in her bathroom! Mine is not quite finished but is a mirror image of hers. We both really loved the technique and hope to be making more rugs soon.

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Angela said...

What a great rug. Crochet is one thing I have never learned but would love to!