Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dyed fabrics.

The last weekend we had at college I did some fabric dyeing. I must have dyed at least 10 yards of fabric! Most is just solid colours but the best results came from the space dyeing.
The picture below shows my favourite piece which I think looks like a sunrise. It is my intention to turn this into an art quilt!?
This second piece was done by simply folding the fabric into a concertina.
The main problem is that the fabric I used for the space dyeing is an Ikea quilt cover that I bought for 50p because it had holes in it. So some of my best pieces have holes in - but I will just applique something over them and pretend thats what I always intended!
I also did some threads which vary in thickness from double knitting cotton yarn to quite fine embroidery thread.

And finally as I was saying in my last post I have been tidying up for Christmas. I have piled loads of stuff onto my quilting table and Patches has decided that it makes an excellent bed. Note 2 BQL challenge bags here and one of those fab Kath Kidston Tesco bags!

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Lindsay Jean said...

Your dyed threads and yarn are gorgeous! I've got a little grey friend who thinks the piles are a cushy bed for her, too.