Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Introducing.....a new member of our feline family!

We have had this new addition to our family for a few weeks. She was adopted by my uncle but things didn't work out so she came to live with us instead. Her name is Maisy and she is around 6 years old. Those of you who pay attention to my cat family will know that I already have another Maisy - pictured below! So the new Maisy needs a name change! Any suggestions would be welcome but at the moment she is known as 'Catzilla'. This probably gives you a clue as to her interaction with the other cats! Things have been a bit difficult but I have had many cat behaviour problems over the years so we will persevere. We have had many tortoiseshell cats (are they called calico in the US?) and some of the darker ones are often a bit grumpy!! Also when you adopt an older cat you don't know how their previous experiences have moulded their character!
This photo of my other Maisy shows why you should not leave your bag all ready for the morning on the dining room table!


Angela said...

Well she looks as though butter wouldn't melt! Having all boy cats I'm no good when it comes to girls names, we did have a female tortie for a few months though and we called her Jasmine, unfortuntely she was a typical naughty tortie and disapppeared, sadly we never did find out what happened to her :(

~Babs said...

I'm so glad I happened upon your blog!
We have a calico exactly like your new one, except our 'Callie' has a black nose. She was a stray when we found her 12 years ago. She was very wild, scared, and hungry,and we knew she'd not survive the coming winter out in the wild all on her own. So many stories to tell,,,it took her a while to warm up to us, but she doesn't even care to go outdoors anymore. She quickly became family, and sleeps curled up to my chin at night. She's the sweetest cat I've ever known,,,and we've had many. She's never been around other cats,,tolerates our dog, but is definitely the alpha of the two.
I just had to tell you, as I've never before seen another so much like ours. Such distinct markings,,,I'd name her Patches!
I truly hope you receive as much joy from yours as we have from ours.

~Babs said...

Oh, and I love your cupcake quilting too! So artistic!

Misha said...

In my mind, Catzilla is a tortie-white and Maizy is a calico (at least half white) but I'm sure it's not scientific. I had a tortie about 20 years ago who was so very clever and stubborn at the same time. Her name was Yazi (originally Yaz Pistachio after a character in the Bloom County comic strip).

Maizy and Yazi has a nice ring to it ;)