Tuesday, 3 February 2009

2009 BQL Challenge

I have been so busy with my City & Guilds pieces that I was not sure whether I wanted to join this new challenge. It consists of 12 quiltlets approx 12 inches square which are supposed to form a perpetual calendar.
However I decided to make the effort to complete the January challenge on the 30th and 31st January - but I am so glad I did!
I have decided that the challenge is a good thing for two reasons -
Firstly it gives me small hangings which I can hang in the house as I have none of my quilting displayed in the house.
Secondly it is a great way to try new techniques so really I can treat it as part of my course!
January's challenge consists of 3 sizes of circles fused onto squares. I used all my hand dyed fabrics for this one which gives a sort of bright yet muted effect. These are the squares laid out before joining.

I decided to quilt them in a circular pattern with space dyed thread rather than use a zigzag applique stitch which I felt would be too heavy.

This last photo has been played with using photo software - it is much brighter than the piece in real life but I quite like the effect!


Jude said...

Lovely, lovely!! Wish I could do a challenge. Can't at the moment as we are up to eye balls olive picking, a knitting project and trying to be involved in my daughter's wedding plans, I'm making the invites!!!

Lynda said...

This mini-quilt was so much fun to do, and your colour choices make it look fantastic!