Monday, 23 February 2009

Cupcakes completed!

I never really completed the cupcake story............
The cupcake wallhanging was the first of my 5 City & Guilds pieces.
You have already seen this but here it is again just as a reminder!
When I was doing my artwork I did a string print with pastels which reminded me of an Andy Warhol painting. I liked it so much I decided to make it up into another wallhanging.

I used the pleated cupcake cases as before and the appliqued tops. In fact the shapes are exactly the same as my first samples. But this time I have used lots of patterned fabric to give a completely different effect.

This is the completed wallhanging which I have called 'Andy's Cupcakes'.

I also made my two original samples into little quilts too!

If you are interested the development of the pieces and the artwork are in previous posts.

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Jude said...

I'm glad they turned out well, feel like I was in from the beginning....
Cor Blimey, trying to get on with Maverick Stars today, but what with husband needing help with putting up shelves, then the mutt deciding he was going back to where we used to live, on his own.... without telling me...I've been delayed!! No,I've got to find something to cook and then I want to watch Gavin and Stacey, Christmas special, which I've just down loaded..
Tomorrow's another day,yeah!!
Take care