Thursday, 5 March 2009

Gears of War Quilt

Good news today. Jamie, my son's friend who was injured last week in a dreadful accident has left hospital today. He will be housebound for a while so I need to get on with his quilt!
This is the image I have been working with - it is from an XBox game called Gears of War. Quite appropriate for a young man with head injuries??!! First I drew the design onto paper and then made a freezer paper stencil. The size is 24 inches square.
This is my practice piece. The stencil has been ironed onto the black fabric.

Then I sponged it with red fabric paint - it is still wet in this picture but I think the overall effect should be good. When it is dry I will have to put in the lines of the mouth and fill in the bits where I had to leave the nose and eyes attached.
Also today I have tidied one of my fabric cupboards - I had to take this photo because I could not believe that it is actually my cupboard. The rest of the room is still a tip but at least I have made a start. Everything was in plastic bags before and I could never find anything.

I also bought a large container for my white fabrics for dyeing and plains for backings - but look what happened when my back was turned!


Jude said...

Good news about the friend. I'm sure he'll love the quilt.
I wish I had cupboards.... all my stuff is in baskets.
My Maverick quilt is looking, well, awful. I've been doing abit of nursing care in a local hospital at night for the past week so feel jet lagged, maybe that's the reason I can't concentrate.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the cat picture.... kitty looks very cosy ;o)