Saturday, 28 March 2009

More Quilted Chickens!

I have been working some more on my samples of free motion quilted chickens. First I decided to do some experimenting on the piece I showed in the last post. I added more quilting and used different colours to see how they worked. I decided from this piece that I liked it better leaving some areas of the chickens without quilting and that colours nearer to the colour of the fabric worked better than using 'chicken' colours such as red or brown. So I made this next sample and I think that this is what I will be using for my finished piece. Although the fabric I will be using is an orange space dyed fabric.
This is a close up - ignore the pencil marks as they will be washed out!


Michelle said...

Those are the neatest thing!

Lynda said...

This looks so good. I quite agree about leaving some areas unquilted - the eye needs somewhere to rest, and if it's all busy, busy, it won't have anywhere.