Monday, 6 April 2009

Quilt Exhibition Rotherham Library - Comfort Blankets Old and New

A friend of mine told me about this exhibition which I visited today. I don't think it has been very well advertised but if you can get to see it I would recommend a visit. It is not very large, but is an interesting look at antique and modern quilts and is free admission. It is at Rotherham Library. The antique quilts are Welsh (I love Welsh Quilts). The modern quilts are by Becky Knight and none of them are made of fabric. Cannot show any photos of Becky's quilts as I do not have her permission to publish them on my blog but they are excellent thought provoking pieces. Some purists would say that her pieces are not quilts as they do not have 3 layers but I think they are of great interest to quilters who are exploring the use of materials other than fabric in quilting.
If you click on this photo to enlarge it you can read the artists statement. The unconventional materials she uses include artificial flowers, tobacco packaging, cardboard, matches, pills and chocolate wrappers!
Traditional welsh quilts! The one above made of wool - I love the red baskets! Welsh quilts are often compared to Amish quilts but the baskets are very American. This quilt was dated 1850 and states that the basket pattern would have been given to a Welsh quilter from an American relative. I need to do more research - but could the baskets not have originated in Wales and taken to America by Welsh immigrants?
Hexagon quilts - where would an antique quilt show be without them? Thses were tiny approx 1 inch each. This quilt was in pristine condition and is an invaluable study aid for those interested in antique fabric patterns. All hand stitched of course!
Welsh medallion quilts are my absolute favourites - my City & Guilds quilt is a modern take on the antique medallion quilt. I also feel the need to make a copy of an old one - perhaps even with the hand quilting! Too much C&G work to do it this year - but one day.......
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Jude said...

Oh wow, Welsh quilts, I love them!!Do you have any history of them or know where I can find some.History that is...
I keep looking but just come up withnot alot

Lynda said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I'm no expert on old quilts, but I have never seen a basket block in an English quilt. the blocks are usually geometric (squares, triangles, hexagons, lozenges, stars etc) and made into tessallating patterns, not representative ones like baskets etc. I am firmly of the opinion that patchwork started here and went over to the States, but I have to adit that the American patchworkers developed the craft greatly.