Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Saturday in Nashville

Our last 'proper' day was spent in Nashville Tn - otherwise knoown as 'Music City'. Now I am not a big fan of country music but the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum was well worth a visit. This patchwork sign was in the foyer.
Nashville was in the high 80s on Saturday.
This is one of the tributes in the Hall of Fame - most people I had never heard of - but I do admire this little lady, even though the likeness is not very good!
In the evening we went to the Grand Ole Opry which was a great nostalgic show - a great evening of country music.
Sunday was the last day of our holiday - we spent it driving the 500 miles back to Chicago. We drove through Indiana, hunting through a few antique malls on the way - yes I did find some more stuff! I will report on my vintage quilting finds soon, Monday we were back in Chicago for our flight, The car had covered over 3500 miles when we returned (there were approximately the same number of dead bugs on the front of it!)- the girl at the rental place could not believe that we had driven as far as Texas!
We arrived home just before 9am yesterday morning - the house was not in too bad a state although very grubby (teenage cleaning efforts!). All the food has been eaten but the fridge was full of beer (even the salad drawer!) and every bath towel in the house had been used and left in a soggy heap - but cats and chickens were fine! So now it is back to washing, cooking and claeaning - but what a great trip we have had!
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