Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Quilts by Ingrid Press

The more I have reflected on my visit to the Festival of Quilts the more I have not been able to the work of this lady out of my mind. She was present in her gallery and how I wish I had spent more time talking to her and asking her about her work. All I actually did was comment how much I loved it and asked her permission to take photos.

I have looked her up on google and found very little information although quite a lot of bloggers seem to agree on how impressed they were with her work.

This is what appeared in the Festival of Quilts catalogue

"Ingrid works with cloth (which is often re-cycled) and fibre. She likes to arrange things - mainly in rows and grids. She sees beauty in repetition. Texture is also important and is achieved through dense machine stitching of the quilts and through the materials and weaving methods used when making her small vessels. Making things gives her a feeling of being connected to many generations of crafts people all over the world.She subscribes to 'Less is More' and tries to keep her work calm and rather simplistic, which is helped by the use of a limited colour palette."
And here are the photos I took of some of her work. I love the use of colour, the use of recycled fabrics and the dense machine quilting.

Hope you like them too.........


Cheryl Willis said...

The quilting is pretty neat, glad you got to see it in person. I had to blow up my pic to get a good look. Love how she got the texture from the quilting. cw

blushing rose said...

Love them, TY for sharing. TTFN ~Marydon

Nia Tilley said...

Just beautiful, Thanks Janet

Jude said...

Yes, I do like! Inspected each photo carefully..
Lucky you!!