Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Quilting Under Pressure.

I always seem to leave things until the last minute and here I am again under pressure to get a quilt finished for tomorrow. It is a baby quilt for my new great-neice Elsie who was born in June. Tomorrow I am going to the Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham and in the evening we are going to visit Elsie who lives near Rugby.

After finding a pile of flannel scraps in my stash a few months ago I decided to have a go at a rag quilt. This is one of those quilts with the exposed frayed seams. I don't really like the term rag quilt so I am calling mine a snuggle or cuddle quilt.

I have put together 25 10 inch squares from the scraps and taken a photo of the results. I am quite pleased with the effect. I also really like the fabric - the animals are really great and I am sure that Elsie will enjoy looking at them all when she gets a bit older.

So why am I even writing this when I should be putting this quilt together NOW. Well at just after 11pm last night I ran out of washed flannel for the backing and batting squares so I had to wash some more and it is now on the washing line in the garden. I vastly underestimated how much fabric I needed but luckily I have two large pieces of baby flannel in my stash which I bought very cheaply at the Shuttle in Bradford.
When I get it finished I will take more photos and show you the finished result but it may not be for a couple of days as we are off to Birmingham in the morning.
I had intended to boycott the FOQ this year due to the problems I had with them losing my entry last year but you know the old saying 'don't cut your nose off to spite your face!' I am going because there is lots I want to see - the C&G students work, Ferret's exhibition, long arm quilters, and I think there might be a few traders there........

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