Monday, 4 January 2010

Layout for Striped Boxes Quilt.

Yesterday I completed my striped boxes quilt top. This photo is before I sewed it together but you get the idea. Each block is 10 inches square and the quilt is 16 blocks in total. Finished size is around 38 inches square. There will not be a border and it will be bound in a dark blue version of the striped fabric which was dyed in an indigo bath.

Here is a closer look at some of the smaller blocks. The fabric is quite stretchy and frays a lot so perfect boxes were unacheivable but I like them slightly wonky!

I had loads of bits left over, lots of triangles from the ends of strips so then I made this 10 inch block. I think that this will be a centre of a quilt from the leftovers. I am going to try to be as free as possible in making this one, just build it up as I go along and see what appears.

It is SO COLD here at the moment - here is Patches snuggled under the radiator with a friend!
Jude has adopted a little cat called Lilly who could be Patches' older, fatter sister!


Quilthaze said...

Wow! The quilt is stunning - I love it!


cottonreel said...

Love the quilt ,but the cat steals my heart---cottonreel

Jude said...

Lovely blocks!!
The last one is a bit 'busy' for me though!!
Yes, I had to look twice at Patches, how old is she??
Thanks for comments about the DCs, no they are not moulting, judging by what other people have said, I think they are not quite old enough yet, we're too excited and are impatient!!

Heckety said...

Your squares are really effective. If the fabric wasn't so stretchy you'd be on to hexagons and octogons and decagons now- ha! ha!