Saturday 30 January 2010

Philippa Naylor Workshop - Precision Piecing

Last Saturday I attended a workshop with Philippa Naylor who visited our embroidery/quilting group here in Barnsley.
I finished the sample last night so here it is....
Not quite as precise as it could be but better than I have acheived in the past. I used hand dyed fabric which I really enjoy working with.

I have picked up quite a few tips which I will use in the future. For example - pressing seams open can help to improve accuracy in complicated designs, try to use finer cotton fabrics for intricate piecing and never underestimate the importance of correct pressing!
I also learned how to make mitred borders which is something I had never tried before.

We had a lovely day, Philippa is an excellent teacher - try to get to one of her workshops if you can!

This is a photo of the room we use - loads of space, we are very lucky!

On Wednesday Philippa returned to talk to our group - four ladies had finished their samples.
Philippa is on the left with her pile of magnificent quilts. She gave a very inspirational and interesting lecture about her life in Saudi Arabia and her quilts.


SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a great class. I could have learned a few tricks. Maybe I'll find a way to take her class in the future. Thanks for sharing insights!


Chris said...

Lucky you! She is definitely on my wish list having read her book
Chris x

Jude said...

Lucky you!!
I'm glad you came away with some ideas and was's great when that happens..

I love mitred corners but quite often go for the easier option..
Take care

Angela said...

Sounds like a great class, The hand dyed fabric in your block is beautiful!

Davina said...

She did this class a few years ago at Boston Spa for the Quilters Guild and it was fabulous. I went to Suffolk last summer to do her other classes when she taught at Quilters Haven. She is an excellent teacher and you feel like she is giving away all her trade secrets, when in actual fact she has no competition!!!!

anthea said...

hi Janet
have you ever seen the pressed flower fairies? I love your sample, if you look in your hand dyed centre you can see the face of a pressed flower fairy!!!! curiouser and curiouser