Sunday, 13 June 2010

Blocks from Week 6.

In Week 6 we started with Liberated Log Cabin. I used a square made from bonus triangles as my centre and then just used up strips from my leftovers which is why they vary so much in size. I tried to encourage the students to do the same.

Then we did a liberated version of Courthouse Steps. I used a little orphan block for the centre, using up my cut strips as before. I had loads of striped strips cut so I used them to make a border. I even pieced the bottom border as I did not want to cut any more fabric, I wanted to use the pieces I already had cut.

Finally I encouraged my students to try crumb piecing which is just using your leftovers to piece in a random fashion. I had a lot of strips cut so thats why there are quite a few with a striped effect. I like to keep my crumb blocks quite small so I joined them all with borders.
Here is a layout for a quilt top from some of the sample blocks I made. I am going to sash it in the black fabric. The bright pink border stands out too much so I am going to replace that.
Our 6 weeks of piecing were now over and the students moved on to adding sashings, backings and quilting their pieces. In the next post I will show some of their finished quilts - prepare to be impressed!
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Susan Briscoe said...

Great blocks - love the colours. Have you thought about just moving the pink bordered block to the centre? I love the way the pink border really pops!

Rachel said...

Love your blogs - what does it look like with the pink block in the middle?