Friday, 25 June 2010

A Visit to the Farne Islands

We have spent the last few days in Northumberland with my parents and yesterday we visited the Farne Islands which are a paradise for bird watchers.
Although the weather was cloudy it was very warm - here is a photo of me with my parents, waiting for the boat to collect us.

One of the main attractions of the islands are the puffins which live in burrows, often those abandoned by rabbits.

Here are a selection of seabirds on the rocks - the noise and the smell are quite intense!

By far the best bit was seeing the Arctic Tern chicks which are seriously cute! However their parents protect them fiercely and we were all dive bombed and often pecked during our visit.
But the attacks were worth it to see these little creatures.

Here are two chicks with Mum, one of them is hiding in Mum's feathers.

And here is a classic puffin photo to finish.

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Quilthaze said...

Have you been to the Farne Islands by any chance?

Rachel said...

Great photos Janet - see you tomorrow :)