Monday, 23 August 2010

Some of my favourite quilts from Festival of Quilts 2010

I would like to share photos of some of my favourite quilts. None of them are winners and most of the winners did not inspire me very much. I am not saying that the judges made a mistake, they were just not my choice.
I will start with a Dear Jane because I always love to see them - this one is called Frugal Jane and was made by Cathy O'Neill from Ireland.

Detail of a hexagon quilt made of triangles of striped fabric. I am interested in the use of striped fabric in quilts and I thought this was a lovely example. Made out of recycled fabric, made by Alison Davies from Nottingham.

A quilt made from recycled shirts - loved the use of different shapes in this one and the hand quilting. Called 'Where have all my shirts gone?' by Rosalind Gregory and Joan Herrington.
And finally Elvis - probably my favourite, just made from squares but so effective. Called Kingsize, made by Gabrielle Collard from London.
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Susan Briscoe said...

These were some of my favourites too!

Jude said...

yes, very nice!!

Jude said...

Me again, I'm still thinking of making that gorgeous Welsh quilt, with the black velvet background. Is there any way you could give me some idea of the size of the small hexs and the size of the large black quilts..I prob will not be using black velvet..not good with 2 animals and in this country...
Take care

Minka said...

Did the quilt maker say why she named her DJQ "Frugal Jane"?